Modanın kurak toprakları

2012 ilkbahar-yaz sezonunda beni heyecanlandıran koleksiyonlar ve kreasyonlar var pek tabii. Lakin, modada başgösteren yaratıcılık kuraklığının farkındayım. Neyse ki keşiflerin ucu bucağı yok. Tanıştırayım: Katy Smail. Şöyle bahsediyor kendisinden Katy: "She now lives in New York where she continues to draw magical girls with broken hearts, darling creatures, faraway lovers and pretty dresses."



Evening clutches by Yazbukey for Diane Von Furstenberg. Would you be my arm candies?


Buds on the tree of life

The hall of the house was as cool as a vault. The cook whistled in the kitchen. She heard the click of the typewriter. It was her life and, bending her head over the hall table she bowed beneath the influence, felt blessed and purified, saying to herself, as she took the pad with the telephone message on it, how moments like this are buds on the tree of life (as if some lovely rose had blossomed for her eyes only); not for a moment did she believe in God; but all the more, she thought, taking up the pad, must one repay in daily life to servants, yes, to dogs and canaries, above all to Richard her husband, who has the foundation of it-of the gay sounds, of the green lights, of the cook when whistling, for Mrs Walker was Irish and whistled all day long-one must pay back from this secret deposit of exquisite moments, she thought...
Mrs Dalloway


Yeni sezonda alışveriş sepetimdekiler

Fabrika'nın pastel güllü, saten olduğunu düşündüğüm mantosu

See by Chloé'nin Jazz Age sandaletleri 

Stella McCartney'nin pleksi topukları

Marni'nin saykodelik puantiye desenli tuniği

Marc by Marc Jacobs'ın kiraz burunlu, dore topuklu sandaletleri

H&M'in flatform'la loafer'ı buluşturan pabuçları


When I fall in love

Size sesleniyorum Valentino pabuçlar:

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart 
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.

Ve bir de size Bay Koala.


Regrets, Reveries The Color of Time

The sea refreshes our imagination because it does not make us think of human life; yet it rejoices the soul, because, like the soul, it is an infinite and impotent striving, a strength that is ceaselessly broken by falls, an eternal and exquisite lament. The sea thus enchants us like music, which, unlike language, never bears the traces of things, never tells us anything about human beings, but imitates the stirrings of the soul. Sweeping up with the waves of those movements, plunging back with them, the heart thus forgets its own failures and finds solace in an intimate harmony between its own sadness and the sea’s sadness, which merges the sea’s destiny with the destinies of all things.
Marcel Proust


Bir penguenin seyahat güncesi

Madrid'den Londra'ya, Londra'dan İstanbul'a, kalpten kalbe... Smokinli ve papyonlu hayvancığımızla tanışın. 


Hola Madrid!

Madrid Fashion Week's most precious gift to me was my adorable friend Jivi Sethi. "The best images are retained in the heart and the head. What are not retained are superfluous" said Jivi. I will surely preserve his image for the rest of my life.