Dearest Alber

"People say the mirror of the soul is the eyes. I think eyes are really deep. I remember once being in a very fancy place for vacation one weekend with this group of people—their watches were shining, their nails were shining, their hair was shining, their skin and clothes were shining, and their cars were more than shining. But their eyes did not shine. I understood they were not happy." 
Alber Elbaz


Dior bahçesinden çiçek topladım

Aplike çiçekler hiç bu kadar canlı olmamıştı. Sene 1953. Tasarımcı Christian Dior.



Our legendary, lovely Marlene

"We know God made trees, and the birds and the bees, and seas for the fishes to swim in. We are also aware that he had quite a flair for creating exceptional women. When Eve said to Adam, ‘Stop calling me Madam,’ the world became far more exciting. Which turns to confusion the modern delusion that sex is a question of lighting... This glamour it seems is a substance of dreams for the most imperceptive perceiver. The serpent of Nile could achieve with a smile far quicker results than Geneva. Now we all might enjoy seeing Helen of Troy as a gay caberet entertainer, but I doubt that she could be one quarter as good as our legendary, lovely Marlene."
— Noël Coward, introducing Marlene Dietrich at London’s Café de Paris in 1954.


Ah, Mr. Dior ne yaptınız?

Orhan Seyfi Orhon ve Yusuf Ziya Ortaç'ın 1935'te İstanbul'da kurdukları Ayda Bir dergisinin 1954 tarihli özel sayısından bir moda yazısı...
Dergide yazan isimler arasında, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Nazım Hikmet, Sabahattin Ali ve Peyami Safa vardı.