It bags and their languages

Ever since women discover the semiotic power of them, handbags become the ultimate status marker. Seda Yilmaz explores their communicative ability.

Prada nylon bag: “I was the high status staple back in the old days.”
The Baguette bag: “Each one of you can find a yummy piece that fits best to your gusto.”
Chanel 2.55: “I’m the portable status symbol with my interlocking C’s and chain strap.”
The Birkin bag: As Sex & the City’s PR whiz Samantha Jones puts it: “Honey, this bag screams ‘You’ve made it!’”
The Kelly bag: “I can turn you into a princess over night.”
Gucci Jackie bag: “Jackie Kennedy Onassis made me famous.”
Louis Vuitton Speedy: “I’m one of the ultimate classics.”
Dior Saddle bag: “Sex & the City’s columnist Carrie Bradshaw carried three versions of me in the course of 30 minutes.”
Luella Gisele bag: “I owe my fame to a supermodel called Gisele Bundchen. I’m as attractive as she is.”
Louis Vuitton Manhattan: “Best regards to Marc Jacobs.”
Mulberry Roxanne: “I’m a logo free signature bag. Very British!”
Balenciaga Motorcycle bag: “Don’t you wanna look like Kate Moss?”
Chloé Paddington: “Find me if you can!”
Fendi Spy bag: “I know you all love waiting lists. That’s why you love me.”
The Novak bag: “The ones who carry me without reading the prospectus may feel vertigo. All the rest will be Hitchcock heroines.”
Chloé Betty: “My name is a bit old fashioned but I’ll be the most coveted handbag of the season.”
Louis Vuitton vinyl-coated silk scarf bag: “Let’s go back to the glamorous days of the 80’s.”
YSL Muse Bag: “I’m an instant classic. Get ready to see me in every A-Lister’s hand.”
Fendi B bag: “You’ll be attracted to my red patent leather.”
Mulberry Rosemary: “Watch the movie ‘Match Point’ carefully and you’ll see Scarlett Johansson carrying me.”

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