Mutluluğun tarifi

Happiness, I think, is all about knowing when to stop. When to stop accumulating and throw things out or store them. When to stop working and take a few moments off. When to stop eating and stop drinking. When to travel and when to stop travelling and stay in one place for a while. When to stop furnishing a house because it has everything it needs. This knowing-when-to-stop is the true meaning of post-materialism and it's both difficult and easy to master. Difficult because we live in a society that is forever egging us on and never wants us to stop consuming. But easy because we all have an instinct, a little voice inside, which tells us when to stop; which knows the optimum point, that particular and precious relationship between having and happiness. All we have to do is locate that voice and listen to it.
PS. Son zamanlarda beni en çok düşündüren kelimeleri bir araya toplayan Nick Currie'ye teşekkürlerimle...

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