Sketch me Blue

İngiliz moda ilüstratorü Blue Logan, ışık hızıyla çizdiği skeçlerle moda şovları ve bu şovların muhterem 'front row' sakinlerinin yanında partilerin de nabzını tutuyor. Zamanın ruhunu yakalama konusunda uzman olan Logan'ın Paper Magazine'de yer alan ilüstrasyonları zihin tazeleyici:

Dergideki röportajdan bir kuple:
When you draw 30 sketches in the span of a ten-minute show you simply don't have time to think: you can hardly look at the paper, it's dark, and the girls are strutting really fast. At the risk of sounding like I'm full of sh*t, I think it's in the speed and the chaos that you find the spirit of all things. Letting go of a natural urge to control what you see and instead believing in it is a constant learning exercise for me. Sometimes I'm very aware that my mind is filling in the blanks on paper when I have not even looked at the object... I catch myself doing that a lot! The more that I try to just draw what is in front of me, the better that I feel about my work. On a less "zany" note -- I love people-watching, and I enjoy looking about and pondering what people are doing in their lives or give them words in my head. Being at a fashion show or drawing at a party is always a spectacle: it's the friendships and the falsities of everyday life but "turned right up loud." Observation, a bit of humor, and being just as involved and silly in said "spectacle" as everyone else is how I capture "the moment."

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